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          Everything You Need To Know About Borderland 3 Shift Code

Borderland 3 offers shift codes to players that serve to provide players with various rewards and items. The shift codes come in the form of a twenty-five digit code that can be accessed through the Gearbox software website. Shift codes come with different rewards, but most Borderland 3 shift codes will provide players with a golden key that will allow you to unlock a unique sanctuary chest. What you get can also depend on your luck, and if you get lucky, you will be rewarded with something unique.


If you don't know yet, Gearbox frequently drops in Borderland 3 shift codes on the Gearbox software website, but the shift codes are made available only for a few days, after which it expires. However, apart from the temporary shift codes, the site also provides players with a section of shift codes that are accessible anytime without an expiration date. Inversegamer also provides players will all the latest game updates and news, including tips and tricks for Borderland 3 shift codes.

Some shift codes will unlock the golden key while some will reward you with special Borderland hunter skin. With that said, let's now look into ways on how to redeem the shift code. To redeem the code, you will have to go to the Gearbox software website and create an account. You will then have to link the Gearbox website account to your game account and select the rewards options to redeem the 25 digit shift code.


And if you are in the game, you can copy the shift code from the website and paste it in your game. If the shift code unlocks a golden key for you, how will you use it? Here is what you can do, go to the Sanctuary and select the golden chest, located near the fast travel key. Now insert the golden key into the chest. If you are new to the game, learning about the shift codes before getting into the real game can be beneficial.

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